Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy Phone Could Cause a Stir in The Market

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Samsung has been working on the concept of a foldable phone for years, and may soon release it in the market. Apparently, it is going to be very expensive as compared to its other Galaxy phones. The reason behind this is simple- the phone will not just be a smart device but also a novelty item.

The widely ridiculed picture of a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone prototype appeared online a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the picture was 3-years old. And we’re glad to say that it is only a prototype.

MMDJ posted the picture on Twitter, who keeps posting photos of all reported Samsung devices. He mentioned that the photo is of a canceled Samsung Project V prototype. The Project V or also known as Project Valley was said to be Samsung’s attempt to create a dual screen foldable phone. The project was started in the year 2015.

The device in the photo didn’t look attractive at all. It looks very thick, and it seems like two old phones from the year 2010 are stuck together to make a new phone. If we compare the design of the phone, it looks a lot like the ZTE Axon, which is also a foldable phone, and it comprises of two screens connected by a hinge.

Since many reports claim about the new look of the Samsung’s Galaxy folding phone, it is difficult to determine what the phone will actually look like. But it is quite obvious it wouldn’t look like a prototype. It believes that it might have a screen that folds, instead of two separate screens connected by a hinge. According to some insider reports, the phone could look more like a Galaxy S9 or Note 8 with a big screen and thin bezels.

According to a report in, the success of this phone could make other manufacturers jump into the foldable phone category. For now, it is obvious that Samsung will be the pioneer and the market leader of such phones, if they can manage to hold the public attention and deliver suitable results.

Rumors suggest that the company could name this new phone Galaxy X, to give it a premium appeal and directly compete with the Apple iPhone X. The launch could be scheduled around February 2019. However, as expected, it could be the priciest smartphone in the market till date with a selling price of at least $1,850.

For now, we cannot be sure which of the rumors will turn out to be true. A company representative has claimed that the phone may not be released any time before 2019 which means that we have well over an year to wait for the product. Currently, Samsung products are doing well in the market, but the company needs to amp up its game to sustain in the market. Taking a technological edge over its competition, by creating a unique foldable phone could help in improving the company’s public perception and cement its reputation as a leader in mobile technology.

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