Apple Pay Vs. Google Pay- A Practical Comparison

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Payment using your mobile phone is the best way to purchase something as you don’t need to carry cash or cards to make payment. You only require to tap your phone or smartwatch to pay. Here, we are going to compare payment systems from Apple and Google.

The only thing you require is to use these payment systems, is to add your cards to the app you are using. After that, you can use them in countries which support contactless payment.

While comparing these two modes of payment system, we must understand that they both work on entirely different platforms. Apple Pay is only for Apple users while Google Pay is for Android as well as iOS users. Apple users can use the Apple Pay payment method on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6S/6S Plus, SE, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro with TouchID, iPad 5th/6th generation, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 and 4. Whereas, the Google Pay works on Android devices with NFC and HCE support running on KitKat(4.4) or higher.

They both use NFC or near-field communication for the payments. For the transaction, you just need to tap your phone on a compatible port. You can also make a limited number of offline payments even if you have no cell or Wifi signal.

The Apple Pay payment system works in 27 countries worldwide, while the Google Pay payment method works in 18 countries worldwide. The Apple Pay supports credit, debit, and loyalty cards while the Google Pay supports credit, debit, loyalty and gifts cards.

To secure your card details, these mobile payment system uses the method called tokenization for the payment. In Apple Pay, you need to authenticate using your fingerprint, FaceID or PIN. But, while using Google pay, you only have to unlock the phone using your fingerprint, password, pattern or PIN before a payment. If your phone is ever lost, you can quickly erase all your card details.

You can also use your gadgets for the payment. The Apple Pay users can make the payment using their Apple Watches (in stores), on the iPad and Mac (for online purchases). The Google Pay users can also use Android Wear Watches, for the payment.

Apple Pay and Google Pay support peer-to-peer option. Hence, you can pay to your friends easily using these payment systems. Using the Apple Pay Cash, you can send money to your contacts through iMessage, but they must have Apple IDs. The service has been rolled out only in the US.

From the Google Pay Send app or desktop interface, you can pay to any phone number or email address. It works very smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. If you are in the US, you can use Google Pay Send, while the UK users can use for the payment.

In the end, you can choose any of the payment systems, depending on the location and options you have. The Apple Pay system is more secure as compared to Google, but it is available only to iOS users. On the other hand, the Google Pay system is a more practical way to pay friends, regardless of what phone they are using.

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