Blackberry Makes another Desperate Effort to Reclaim Its Throne

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Not long ago, BlackBerry was the kingpin of smartphone industry with its new age design, super professional user interface and of course, the BBM. After the touchscreen iPhone arrived people abandoned the glorious black device which has been re-filing its efforts to get back in business.  Playing on its value for money accolade and butter smooth operations the once celebrated company is trying to develop a cult following.

The company is back with a bang with a new product that includes all the modern features but keeps the classic BlackBerry styling alive, a physical keyboard. Since 2016 the company has worked under the care of TCL Communications and was eager to launch another phone that combines the retro look with a modern interface like last year’s Key One Phone. Key 2 comes with a boosted processor speed and storage, includes a dual sensor 12MP+12 MP back camera, 6 GB RAM making it a decisive product from the company.

Its statistics reveal Android 8.1 Oreo, but the biggest USP that the phones brags about is the availability of a physical keyboard for those who like the tapping sound more than sliding fingers on a screen. In order to lure the tech-savvy generation, the company has provided a “Speed” shortcut key for instantly launching apps and any other feature.

It is believed that professionals will be attracted by the amount of security the device provides. The phone involves exclusive apps for supervising security and the health of the device, providing extra layers of protection to private data folders and the Firefox Focus browser that allows various tracking and blocking options to the user. Thus, for all those living in the sense of danger can make the right choice going for a gadget.

The screen space is a 4.5-inch LCD screen with a 1620 x 1080-pixel resolution which makes it more suitable for forwarding emails rather than surfing Netflix. The aluminum frame and the soft touch back do provide a hint of classiness to the device. Moreover, the cell phone claims to provide a battery life of two days which is backed by the advantage of a smaller screen that gets powered from a 3,500 –mAh battery.

In the era of similar looking smartphones that can hardly be distinguished by their looks, the BlackBerry device is made for those who can accept the trait of being different. The physical keyboard, better security protection, and powerful battery life can be enough for a no-nonsense buyer. It is sure to appeal to certain type of consumers but its capability to tap into the imagination of pop culture will pave its way to success.

One should think of going back to old school after purchasing Key 2. Not only it makes one look bold but lets people assume about your straightforward and dependable personality.

Interested people can buy the phone by the end of this month from either a 4 GB or 128 GB of storage (expandable via microSD card) phone. The prices will be a minimum of US$649.

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