Why You Need to Invest in an Apple Watch

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If you are reading this piece you either want to buy an Apple smartwatch, you want to upgrade to the newest apple watch or you are just inquisitive. There is a lot in your mind. You are perhaps asking; what it is with this Apple watch? Does it deserve it? What can I do with the watch once I buy it? Is it true for me? Can I purchase a new one? Or I just need to upgrade on the one that I have? If I attended a CES event would I find other great options at the trade show booths?

Whether you are a reliable customer, a geek or just attracted to the Apple lifestyle your final decision should be purchasing this vital device.

Why you need an apple smart watch

A major fashion icon which fits ANY look!

Fashion is relative; each person has his or her own taste! Apple has perfectly accounted for everyone’s fashion needs. It has created watches with changeable bands to totally change one’s looks!

If you are looking for a watch to wear for a certain occasion apple is yours. Also, if you already have a watch you can use the old band for your new watch vice versa.

Apple definitely made sure that there is a watch for everyone. The customization option gives you a chance to try out every possible combination with the digital face and bands. You can customize the layout, color, and dial to your wishes.

A smart-watch that functions as an iPhone

The extra 768MB Ram, W2 Chip, S3 chip, 16GB storage fastens navigation using this device. Also, it has Alter meter and GPS which enables you to track your location. Therefore you are not getting a watch, you are really giving yourself something that is nearly an iPhone, I mean an iPhone!

Continuous ‘Explorer’ LTE Cellular Connectivity without an iPhone!

Basically, cellular LTE connectivity means that you can use your smartwatch while out of range of your phone. By connecting to a Wi-Fi network on your Apple watch you can do nearly everything that your iPhone does.

Made to last longer

The watch is made with scratch-less stainless steel for durability. If you need something that you will show your grandchildren undoubtedly this is it.

If you are a high-end consumer Apple has fine looking ceramic models which come in two colors white and grey very ideal for you!

A ‘smart coach ‘for sport lovers

This fitness-friendly device can be incredibly helpful during sports;

Customizable fitness app- the fitness app on the smartwatch can be customized to T to suit the level of your sport.

Motivational messages- it reminds you of the tasks that you need to do and sends you encouraging messages all day. It is slightly unpleasant but a friend.

Water resistant- take this baby with you for shallow swimming in the pool and oceans. Its altimeter will enable you to track distance and laps while swimming!

It tracks your activities or steps- at times you might be very busy until you do not have time for the gym. Apple smart watch’s stalking technology can log your activities and calculate the burned calories.

Hiking partner- the altimeter can track your altitude when hiking. With this watch, you can climb mountains!

Get it if you are an early adopter

Smartwatch technology is new and apple watches are the best. Be part of the growing process of building and improvising technology for a better tomorrow.

A multitude of apps

It has apps for weather, working out, productivity, and sports. Amazingly there is an app for unlocking your car, come-on this is so stylish!

Responsive Siri that talks

Ask Siri to send a calendar invite, set a notice and even offer you directions it will talk back even minus your iPhone!

Apple music

You can stream up to 40 million songs on your wristwatch.

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