The best reasons why you should choose an ATS

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Application tracking systems or ATS’s as they are typically referred to as have been one of the best options for simplifying and aiding your recruitment process. Of course, the technological enhancement has been able to bring in newer advancements in the ATS, and they are more powerful than what they used to be in the past.

The Top Reasons why you should Use an ATS

So, why should you use an Application Tracking System for your recruitment process? Well, here are our reasons for using a good ATS. Check if these reasons give you a justification for your choice.

A Centralized Recruitment Portal

ATS provides you a centralized option for gathering all your recruitment data. In fact, you can use the tool to manage a data pool of all candidates. You can even source the pool of suitable candidates even when you don’t have an opening. In other words, you can get in touch with an excellent candidate when there is a need.

While you can use the software for collecting the details of the data about the candidates that have been absorbed in one place, the best part is you can save the promising candidates for the future positions.

Save Time and Effort

The ATS systems would be the best in terms of saving your time and thus improving the efficiency of your hiring process. The tool lets you delegate your tasks. Sorting through hundreds of resumes would be much more comfortable and more straightforward, so is sharing their data across multiple options.

The ATS options like Greenhouse ATS systems have been able to simplify your tasks to an even greater degree. In fact, studies have proven that the hiring software options have been capable of lowering your burden in terms of time by around 20 to 25 percent.

Improved Communication

A powerful recruitment system is the one that provides room for excellent communication between all the factors involved. The steps and the status of the process should be clear to all the parties, and that includes the candidates as well.

A good ATS will let each of the candidates know where they stand at each stage during the recruitment process. The candidates and recruiting managers will be able to communicate with one another instead of a need to send a separate email.

Enhanced Employee Retention

By utilizing a perfect applicant tracking system, you will be able to get the right candidate that is perfect for the job. This will help you avoid the situation where the employee may not be a good fit for the job and leaving it shortly after being appointed.

In fact, an ATS system can be helpful in developing excellent communication between the candidate and the recruiter and thus the chance of the satisfaction levels will be very high. It will help you take care of employee retention.

It simplifies the Administrative tasks considerably

A traditional recruitment process can bring in tedious administrative tasks. Some of the issues that can be created include scheduling the interviews and contacting the candidates over the phone. There are several tasks like entering successful candidates into the payroll system and managing the information through spreadsheets and other databases.

The choice of a good ATS will aid you to streamline your recruitment process in such a way that most of the administrative hurdles are handled by the tool without your notice. A powerful backend functionality is a prime aspect of an excellent applicant tracking system.

Enhance your brand image

The fact that you are using a tool for your recruitment process would be indicative of your company’s inclination towards the use of technology. This should be a proof to indicate that you are ready to embrace new thoughts.

This revelation about your company’s inclination towards new technology would attract more candidates to your firm. This can be advantageous for both your company and the candidate. Make use of the tool to set yourself apart from other companies.

In Conclusion

Of course, you would need to go through several factors before you choose the right ATS for your company. Check out your own parameters against those promised by your chosen system before finalizing the best ATS that meets your exact requirements and needs.

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