Why Cyber Security is a Public Responsibility

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There are some very hard-working and smart people who operate like ghosts and shadows at war with each other, with one group fighting to protect consumers of digital media and devices, while the other tries to maliciously exploit the same users, mostly for financial gain. These people who are operating in the concealed spheres of cyber security definitely play a major role in keeping us safe online, but they only form part of what is required.

Cyber security is otherwise a public responsibility, with each of us needing to do our bit. As a user you are responsible for exercising vigilance with sensitive information such as your passwords, while corporations with some financial muscle also step up to the plate to do their bit in pumping some money into cyber security research and development. One such company is indeed Netitude, with the Frome based IT Support expert sponsoring the new Bath Spa University Cyber Security Society. Through this new partnership the company which offers technology solutions and support to businesses throughout the South West is investing in both the future of technology and in cyber security.

The society gained official recognition in October 2018, with an aim to educate anyone willing to learn. This includes students from the university or anyone from the local community around Bath. Members meet on Thursdays from 5-7pm, enjoying the opportunity and platform to learn about ground-breaking cyber security measures and ethical hacking. This is with the help of co-sponsor Immersive Labs.

Immersive Labs is a provider of practical security labs to assist in the development and enhancement of the skills needed by cyber professionals. The platform is derived from world class threat intelligence, developed by experts and providing real-time and highly relevant content which is accessed directly through the browser.

While the sponsorship from Netitude is primarily in the form of a direct monetary donation, the company relishes the prospect of helping students to establish connections with key vendors in the security space, extending to them the opportunity to learn from experienced engineers.

Within the first year of sponsorship, Netitude will also provide assistance with the Cyber Security Conference on Friday 10th May 2019, coming with additional monetary support as well as finding suitable vendors to come in and give talks at the event.

The event will be held at the Bath University Commons Building from 7pm. SMEs based out of the South West are welcome as well as those further afield. Students seeking to learn more about cyber security are also welcome to attend, as well as anybody in the wider community.

This sponsorship makes for an exciting opportunity for the wider community, in addition to Netitude itself as well as the students of Bath Spa University. Although this sponsorship makes for only the first step towards the promotion of further education into the world of cyber security, it is a very big first step.

Ultimately, the aim is for businesses and users to come away from the event with some skills and knowledge they can use to defend themselves.

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