6 Reasons – Fudge is healthier than chocolate? (Flavoured Fudge)

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One usually occupies the persuasion and the level of gracing things. The unveiled and the secrets of the personal recipe can be not always known. Flavored fudge can be an amazing thing to follow. There are so many requests that follow upon the comparison of the hot chocolate and the fudge. The ingredient may vary slightly but it impacts hugely on the taste. The net value of each piece is almost the same. This article brings you 6 basic reasons why fudge is healthier than chocolates. Read on this article to find out the conclusion if the fudge is healthier than chocolate?


A flavoured fudge is more of a fulfilling meal. The white sugar and heavy amount of cream that goes inside is a fattening mixture. The sweetest of all the sweet treats is to get the fudge as a treat. This primarily depends on the type of recipe being followed but kind of evaporated milk used is a determinant factor of the syrup made for it turns out to be than the hot chocolate.

Texture says it all

The texture is the first thing that people see in the first place. This goes without saying how the texture of hot chocolate is better and thicker than the fudge. The bites of the sugar in the fudge makes it a bit heavier and hard to digest in the first place. The lover of the buckle flavor and the crystal are worth melting for.

Cooling of the hot chocolate

This factor is very important to decide the nutrients being carried away. It is said that when things get crystallized very fast they lose their value in terms of the nutrient benefits. The creation of the fudges lets the cooling takes place very slowly. While on the other hand there are things that happen quickly with hot chocolate.

Beating it up

The mixture of hot chocolate doesn’t need constant beating. Stirring can be done with the help of a beater as well as a spoon. The mixture starts to thicken as the surface takes over. The dullness and the matte texture of the fudge allow the fudge to get in the mold. Another trick can be to get it in the right shape. Hence beating helps to bring the right texture.

Thermometer readings

The temperature of the fudge is such that in either of the way they can be eaten. There are 112-119 “C. The ball can be molded and hence be eaten anywhere as to not having the burning. The grainy and the seizure of the crystalline may not be healthy to eat. The hottest temperature of the hot chocolate can be warm for many but in some, the cases can be very effective to burn the tongue of sensitive people, unfortunately.

Final word

Without a doubt, the fudges are very overrated but are so because of many reasons. The main being that it is very healthy in terms of nutrients calculation. The butter parchment that comes on top of it add on to it. It will be wrong to say that hot chocolate is not healthy. It is equally so but less in terms of fudge.

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