How to Care For Your Mobile Phones

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A mobile phone, cell phone or simply phone, sometimes shortened to just mobile, phone or hand phone, can make and receive telephone calls on a radio frequency signal while the user is traveling within a public phone service area. This has made it possible for long distance calls to be made within the same line used for making local calls. Mobile phones are also sometimes referred to as wireless phones or cell phones. The signals sent from them are usually in the form of radio waves which can travel through walls and other obstacles.

Mobile phones use base stations to receive and transmit signals. The base station picks up signals from nearby cell phones, cordless phones and Internet telephones. Most mobile phones also have inbuilt radio receivers and transmitters that allow them to pick up signals from the surrounding area. The service provided by these phones is not available everywhere and varies according to service providers. Some of the service providers provide mobile phones that come pre-installed with a large number of services including voice mail, caller identification, push button messaging, e-mail, games, music and much more.

There are many brands that manufacture and sell mobile phones in the market today. Leading companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry, Panasonic, LG and others also offer a variety of handsets to suit different tastes and needs. Users can choose from several models and designs ranging from the small pocket-sized phones to large and bulky ones. Since users need to carry their mobile phones wherever they go, the mobile phones are designed to be lightweight and easily put in one’s pocket or purse.

In countries such as United States of America, mobile phones are heavily taxed since they are considered a communication device. People are allowed to buy and own a mobile phone based on its price. However, mobile phones are categorized as personal devices that fall under the public safety concern. Selling and trading mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the United States of America. This makes mobile phones more expensive than a cell phone.

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for mobile phones. According to ComScore, a digital market analyst, there is an average of two cell phones per person in the world. Although this may seem excessive, it is actually a reflection of the convenience and efficiency of using mobile phones. Many people prefer to use their mobile phones rather than picking up a landline phone and dialing a long distance number.

Mobile phones have a host of applications. With an application, one can turn the mobile phone into a personal Digital Assistant or PDA. The applications are further categorized into those that people can use daily, some that are used only occasionally and others that serve as a multifaceted tool. Since people want to do something else with their mobile phone other than just make or receive calls, they end up buying applications that help them do things on the go. For instance, some people carry their PDA along as they walk to the grocery store and purchase their groceries.

Not all mobile phones are the same. Before buying a mobile phone one must consider what they will be using the phone for. Some are better for business than mobile phone for personal use, while others are made especially for entertaining. Some people even use their mobile phones as a PDA. Others find comfort in their mobile phones and use them to keep in touch with family and friends when they cannot be in touch with them physically.

The mobile phone has definitely changed our lives. It has become a part of our daily routine just like our shoes, books and pens. As the need for mobile phones increases, so will the need to know how to care for them. By following some of the guidelines in this article, one can greatly increase the life of his mobile phones.

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