Tech News – 3 giants shaping the Future of Phones and Smartphones

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Fast, easy and immediate access to real time tech news from the leading publications! With fast access to a number of sources you can be updated instantly with breaking news on the blink of your eye. Choose and read the leading Tech News websites and blogs with your cell in the quickest way possible. Get instant access to breaking and popularly trending news stories from around the world. From the Wall Street Journal to USA Today; from Financial Times to The Onion; from CNN to CNBC; there is no end to the source of real-time tech news.

The latest tech news from the leading sources is available on your iPhone through groundbreaking applications that are accessible on the App Store. These applications include the USA Today Weather app, Gephy/Kik news reader, Evernote App, Cheddar cork notice and Instapaper. With these amazing applications you will be well on your way to knowing what the weather is going to be like the next day! And with everything that these amazing applications offer you will never be behind in sporting news.

Apple is leading the way with the introduction of its first-party application called, “iCloud”. With this new service Apple has broken ground not only with its trademark applications but also with its brand value, which are synonymous with user friendliness. Now with the availability of an iPhone users can store all their favorite media and share what they love with others with just a tap on their iPhone. With the new feature, users can synchronize their feeds from their favorite blogs, websites and social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Instgram. And because it is compatible with all smartwatches realme watch customers can now take advantage of the realme watch faces and text with accuracy and ease.

With the recent launch of Google Maps smartwatches have really shown their worth. Users can now combine mapping and navigation in a smart way. No need to worry about directions anymore when using a Google Maps smartwatch. And since both apps are free, users do not lose anything by opting for these apps. But as we all know, not everything is free in this world.

But when it comes to entertainment, nothing beats watching short videos on the internet. As most smartphone users already know, short videos, or videos in no more than 5 minutes can make a world of difference to how we feel. And as we know that short videos can be easily shared with friends and family via social media and video sharing sites such as YouTube and vSocial, most people are opting to use Google’s iGoogle as it is perfect for entertainment purposes.

With these two giants dominating the mobile technology industry, it is not surprising to see so many different brands coming up in the near future. LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and many other upcoming brands are all battling to win over the hearts of smartphone users. Will we see more Android-powered smartphones in the next year? Who knows, but with Google, Amazon, Apple and others now firmly ensconced in our mindsets, the battle for dominance in the tech world seems to be in full swing.

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