This page is going to be one that changes all the time! Which is great and very exciting for geeks and nerds like me and you! Technology is advancing at a pace never seen before and it’s affording gadgets that we never thought were even possible in our lifetime.

It’s so exciting to keep up with the latest tech news as every day, something new is announced that really blows the public’s mind. As a tech blog, we are lucky enough to be able to test some of these gadgets before they get to general sale, we get the usual lot and it’s really great, but sometimes we get something in so crazy and amazing that even we are surprised.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the staple gadgets that everyone should have in their collection. These gadgets will always get better, so do your research when it comes to a time that you’re going to buy one.

Home Assistant

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These come in all shapes and sizes and brands and specs, but the most common and popular are Alexa from Amazon, Google Home Assistant and the Echo.

The premise is simple: they’re an interactive assistant that can do pretty much anything, from Googling whatever you need to playing music to even doing your shopping for you!

They’re really simple to use and are pretty much all voice activated, meaning that, if you are in earshot of the machine, you can simply ask it t help you. It’s like a real-life robot virtual assistant.

Virtual Reality

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You may have heard a few things about virtual reality recently, and that’s because the market has come along leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. It tends to be best for games at the moment, with items such as oculus rift taking the market by storm.

If you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t sure what virtual reality is, it’s a gadget that puts the user in whatever game they are playing. It tends to be a headset that goes over the eyes and is an immersive screen that moves with the user.

It’s really quite an experience, to be placed within any fantastical world that a game developer has created. You must try it at some point in your life. If you are someone who loves to play games a lot, whether that is on the computer or through your phone (, then something like this is sure to pique your interest.


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In writing, the GoPro sound so simple that it seems stupid to include it in ‘gadgets you must have’, but it really did revolutionize the way that action and adventure experiences were filmed. The little camera can attach to most action harnesses, providing a wide-angle lens that captures everything.

It’s sturdy as well, boasting waterproof capabilities, drop-proof measures and the ability to take a fair bashing.

There’s also plenty of accessories to make usi.g it even easier, with sticks, handles, cases and lenses that really do make it a camera of the future.

Like we said, this page will be added to constantly as new and advanced tech comes out throughout the year. If there’s anything you think needs to be added here, send us a message and we’ll assess your suggestions!

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