Tech Careers

When it comes to building a career and a future in tech, the possibilities are literally endless. You just have to think outside of the box! It’s not just being the ‘IT guy’ at any given office or establishment, there are careers in development, the forces, and even positions as penetration artists working with businesses to test their cybersecurity and consulting them on areas to improve.

Education Needed

To be perfectly honest, if you’ve grown up around computers and technology and have a genuine interest in it, you don’t need education or qualifications. There’s no set in the stone career path or route you need to take when you step into the world of tech and IT.

So don’t get too hung up on starting your training really early, like at high school or sixth form. Just keep investing in yourself and your passion, find what aspect of technology is best placed for your talent and pursue that. Your natural thirst for knowledge should propel further than any dubious training scheme could.

Having said that, it probably won’t do much good if you disregard certifications and education altogether. With technology making rapid advancements and becoming more complex by the day, you may need the necessary certifications to keep up with the changing pace. Needless to say, there are bound to be lots of interesting opportunities that you could explore, by first taking up practice tests for Amazon or Microsoft exams free on the Internet; of course, there may be other tech certifications you are interested to look into, in which case you can do some research and find the necessary resources.

The Highest Paying Jobs

If we really look at why you’re looking at this page, you almost definitely want to know how much money you can make by pursuing a career that you love. It’s ok, it’s something we’ve all wondered! Here’s a really quick run down of the sort of money you can expect from some of the most popular roles.

Security Engineer

Cyber security is the key focus of many large businesses and governments right now and those that can protect computer systems against external attacks are very much in high demand.

With the new data protection rules surrounding personal data becoming ridiculous strict and protected thanks to GDPR businesses and organisations are required to have a person and plan in place to stop any attacks happening.

Penetration Tester

Ease your dirty mind! This is strictly professional! Penetration testing is the art of professionally hacking into a businesses computer systems to identify their weaknesses – without damaging them. This then helps them to strengthen their security against ‘real’ hackers.

To get extra dollar as well as breaking into their system, you can be the person to fix their weak spots. Offering consultancy to get them up to the highest standard of security.

Software Development

This isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, and it’s going to take time to get to a level where you’re earning big bucks, but if you’re good at coding and developing software, then a bit of hard work and [erservanc can reward you greatly.

The biggest benefit of working as a software developer is that you can work from anywhere. This job doesn’t need you to work from the office, in general, so you can have a flexible schedule and work from the comfort of your home. You may prefer to create a small office at home by investing in necessary office furniture, like the ones available on office monster (or other websites), for ease of working and keeping efficiency at the max. However, that is a personal preference since many people may choose to work while traveling.

Lastly, if you are aiming for the most high-paying job profile in this field, you can try for the managerial level, i.e., taking charge of a team of developers and organising projects.

Choosing Your Path

It’s hard for anyone to decide what they want to do in life, but it’s also important to remember and realise that it’s never too late to start working on a dream and developing a career that you can really believe in. Who knows, maybe a tech career will be the one for you.

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