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If you’ve read our ‘About’ page, you’ll know all about our ethics of building a community of people who may not have been able to find their place in the world. That’s why we’re always so open about encouraging people to get in touch with us and coaxing people to become a part of this family that we’ve built.

We’ll always try and respond as quickly as possible, but please bear with us as we get thousands of emails and messages a day and sometimes it may take us just a little longer to get back to you – be assured we read everything that is sent to us!

Worldwide Tech Network

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Over the year, we’ve built an online network of tech geeks and nerds and we’ve all come together to share tips, experience and hacks for all forms of technology, hardware and software and it’s always a work in progress!

All of us have such vast experience in the world of technology and it’s this experience that gives us all a position of authority to give the advice that you see on our blogs. Over the years we’ve amassed plenty of valuable insight into the world that we’ve thrown ourselves into.

If you get in touch with us, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be able to provide you with any and all information you could ever imagine or need. We’ve also been in the business long enough to have built up a network of contacts all over the world. Even if there’s something we can’t answer (even if unlikely!), there will be someone out there that we know that will be able to assist you!

So, no matter what question it is that you have, send us a message using the form below.

What You May Want to Chat About

tech blog

There are plenty of things that you may want to get in touch with us about and we’ve always got an ear open so we can listen!

So, whether you’ve got a question about the blog, a problem you’re having with your tech, you want to submit a guest post or just want a chat, there is a direct line to our inbox using the contact form below.

Of course, you may have come here with business in mind. Which is totally understandable, many people want to work and collaborate with MD Help Serve! I do accept guest posts on my blog, just head to the ‘write for us’ page or contact us on the form below!

I’m more than happy to discuss any opportunities that you want to broach with us, and together, we’ll talk about the pitch as a team and get back to you as soon as possible.

How You Can Get in Touch With Us

To get in touch please use the below form!

Of course, there are comments enabled on each of our posts which you are more than welcome to add to!


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